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Indiana lawmakers seek to limit duration of governor’s emergency powers | Government and Politics

Holcomb believes so long as the focus of legislative review under Lehman’s measure is “to discuss how decisions are being made, and why decisions are being made, and make recommendations,” that should be fine.

But the governor noted throughout the pandemic he’s had to make decisions on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis in response to changing circumstances, the spread of the virus, and state efforts to contain it.

He said the General Assembly tends to act at a much slower pace, with considerably more deliberation, and he cannot support a proposal that would restrict the governor’s adaptability and flexibility in responding to an emergency.

“If the language is designed to halt or stunt or prohibit reacting to a public emergency as it unfolds, that is beyond concerning,” Holcomb said. “You don’t have four months to arrive at an ultimate, final decision.”

The House Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure is expected to consider potential amendments to Lehman’s proposal in coming weeks, and then decide whether to send it to the full House for a decision on advancing it to the Senate for further review and revision.

Holcomb, meanwhile, recently signed the 10th renewal of his COVID-19 public health emergency declaration.

Meet the 2021 Northwest Indiana legislative delegation

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